Saturday, May 5, 2012

Photo of the Day, Day 5

A few months back I took part in a photo of the week challenge. It was going along happily until the day I had to photograph birds. You know, regular old birds. The ones who hang out in my yard and mess up my car on a daily basis. I spent hours sitting quietly outside stalking my neighbor's bird feeder. I took walks around my very woody neighborhood. I even got into the car and took a drive. I wound up taking a photo of a ceramic bird for the assignment.

So you can only imagine how happy I was today when I discovered I needed to photo a bird. I told my husband, we'll see. For the past two days we have had beautiful red cardinals and vivid blue jays chasing each other all over the neighborhood. I have not seen a single one today through the window. I stepped outside and heard them chirping at me from high up in the trees. None could be seen. I told my husband, "they are mocking me." He just laughed. 
After numerous trips outside I have taken about 60 photos today of scrapbook layouts, squirrels and flowers. Still there were no birds. So I herded up my DD while hubby cooked our Cinco De Mayo feast and headed to the pond. I never did find those lovely red and blue birds. I did score a family of Canadian geese, a swan and a couple of  funky ducks. Who needs a blue bird anyway?

My official entry for today

A family

Mohawk Duck as coined by DD.

Until next time...

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  1. of course :-) at least they have Wangs :-0