Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May Photo of the Day - Catch Up Day

Ok, I have quite a few here. I can't believe I got this far behind. Where has the month gone?

Day 15: Love
AH, coffee...

Day 16: What you're reading
Nook, of course!!

Day 17: Snack
(not just for breakfast anymore!!)

Day 18: Something you made
(Christmas in May)

Day 19: a favorite place
communing with my peeps

Day 20: something you can't live without
a good pair of scissors

Day 21: Where you stand
on my own two feet

Day 22: Pink

Day 23: Technology
can't go a day without my Xbox
Day 24: Something new
my prize pack from Big Picture Classes!! Score!!

Day 25: Unusual
(no adhesive in my ATG!! OH MY!!)

Day 26: 12 o'clock

Day 27: Something Sweet!!

Day 28: the Weather Today

Day 29: a number
(hey schoolhouse rock fans
"three - it's a magic number")
Until next time...

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