Monday, June 28, 2010

Starving from reading blog sites....

I follow more than enough blog spots than one person can read in a day and still lead a 3 dimensional life. One of my favorites is The Southern Plate. I am not advertising for her, but Christie can cook up some mean down home southern dishes. And quite a few of them have now become my own "family recipes".  She has posted a give away food basket today that looks rather yummy. I could get additional entries into the contest if I visited some other blog sites and entered there as well. This coupon queen here decided to follow the "if it's free, it's for me" philosophy and get as many entries in as I could.

Now I need to go shopping as I am hungry for more than one of the recipes I spotted as I read. And of all of the kinds of shopping there is, FOOD SHOPPING!! I detest grocery shopping. I hate pushing the cart around, loading the food in to the car and taking it back out once I get home. I used to cheat when I lived at my previous address. First off, my DD always went with me. She would push the cart. (Don't worry, she's in high school and big enough to do it.) Then to fib a little more, I would load the groceries in the side door of my van behind the driver's seat instead of in the back. That way all I had to do was pull my van into the garage and swing that a big side door open and take out the frozen and cold products when I got home. Before the van moved again, I would be sure to get the rest of the groceries out and into the pantry. It usually was completed in the next few hours. My reasoning was that I had spent all this time shopping and now I needed a rest before I completed the job.

These cheats are no longer possible for me. My DD is not so DD anymore when it comes to grocery shopping. She doesn't go with me. So now I either go alone and push that buggy or take my DH, who is wonderful to go with me, but he does not push the cart around the way I like it done. (I know, OCD!!)  I shuffle the coupons, thinking out loud, so passersby think I am NUTS. I load the car, drive home and have to get all of the groceries in the house because we now live in a condo without a garage and the car reaches about 357 degrees in 5.2 seconds!! (I know, I know. But it sure feels that hot!!) I leave the non-chilled groceries on the counter until after my designated "after shopping" rest, but it drives me crazy to have that many bags on the counter, so I wind out putting them away fairly quickly after all.

Well, except for that bag of flour that is still sitting on the counter from the shopping trip a couple of weeks ago. I better get dressed and head on out. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Scrapin' and Scrapin' and Scrapin' Some More

I have been having some health issues this week. So in order to take my mind off of my sorrows, and my aching back and hip, I decided to get some scrapin' in. I hit the Ch{all}enge Masters website early this morning, started planning and printing photos. My favorite one for today? Well, here you go:

A pink Walt Disney World layout!! But it is not just the completed layout that makes me love it. The "assignment" was to make a page about a place that has special memories for you. I really have been stumped all month on what to do. My family traveled around so much when I was a child that we never went anywhere more than one time. As I was looking through boxes and sleeves of photos to try and decide, I kept finding photos of my family and friends of all various clothing and hairstyles having fun at WDW over the years. I found some mementos that were my grandparents from their trip over the bicentennial in 1976. I found pins to swap, old park maps and ticket stubs. 

And it was not just my generation. OH NO!! I have raised a Disney child myself. On DD's very first visit, she was 7 months old. She wore a big floppy hat and little cute sandals. It is all documented for her. In the photos on this layout, she was an old pro. She is four and half in these shots and knew her way around the park as well as any employee should. Some day I need to get around to creating a scrapbook with Walt Disney World through our eyes and lives.

I also complete a "Rule of 3" layout. Everything had to be in threes; papers, embellishments, photos, etc...

For this one I cheated a little. We only had two tickets as DD and I were the only ones to attend the concert. And I lost my copy somewhere in the house. But a quick copy and we  have just enough for the challenge. So there are three photos, three tickets, three album cover embellishments, three red buttons and three sets of rhinestones with three in each. (hee hee!) The rhinestones were a particularly good choice I think as the popular song for Rob Thomas at the time of this concert was "Her Diamonds".

I worked on a few other layouts and then watched 6 episodes of Sex in the City Season 4. I am trying to make my way through the entire series as I only had HBO the first three seasons and faithfully watched it every week. Then the business of life got in the way. And while I know I have seen most of the episodes in reruns on WTBS, they are the edited versions and not nearly as funny. I have also found in my viewings of the newer movies that I missed some stuff, like Samantha having kemo and Aiden coming back into Carrie's life a second time. (I thought all the Aiden episodes were part of the original Aiden story line. When he dumped her at Charlotte's wedding to Trey I yelled at the t.v. "What happened to the cabin scene?!" I had to call my sister to fill me in.) Hopefully I will get them all under my belt before Sex in the City III comes to theaters.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I have a new obsession

Along with scrapping, stamping, cooking,  reading, movies and travel, I have developed a new hobby. But not just a "hobby", an OBSESSION. And it is really overwhelming me right now. I purchased a new Xbox 360 game for my husband for Christmas. "Fable II" has sat in the entertainment center unopened and unused until last month when I broke it out. I watched him play the first day and when he went to bed I was up for hours playing. I woke up the next day, had my shower and breakfast, started a load of laundry and heated up the game. I was still playing when he got home, hours later. I had not stopped for lunch, to move the laundry or anything. Since that day I have tried to keep my playing to just a few hours a day, but sometimes I must admit it is hard. "Hello, my name is Resa and I am a game-a-holic."

Gaming. I used to think it was just for kids. But when I see the actual games, some of this stuff is definitely meant for adults. I mean, I like the Lego Batman, Indiana Jones and Star Wars sagas. They are cute and send you off to find things and complete tasks. And who can resist a cute little Lego avatar persona? LOL!! But apparently the makers of Fable II were made aware of my "likes" to those Lego games and created something else. Anyway I managed to complete the whole game in a couple of weeks and have now purchased the expansion pack to continue my life as a hero.

So today I am trying to keep myself busy and keep myself out of Albion (the world of Fable). I have completed one layout for "Layout Tag" on Ch{all}enge Masters. Unfortunately, I cannot post it yet, but will with the whole story behind it. I have been lazy with my layouts this month, thanks to the above. I am attempting to make a go at it today, along with laundry again. There is so much new stuff at Michael's I would like to purchase, but I have to get rid of some of the stuff I have hoarded at home first.

Back to the art desk.....