Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Been A Slow Week

I guess "The Build Master" has been giving the guys a little bit of a break with the turkey holiday last week and all. We were happy with the progress they have been making as of late but it has been a little slower this week. Here are the highlights.

The trim was getting a good painting this week.

and the inside too!!

I find it interesting that they spray the whole house at one time for the base coat. These are Nicole's windows with plastic taped to them so they don't get paint on the glass. They also covered and taped the cabinets, counter tops, plumbing and painted the floors.

The kitchen cabinets are in now.


pretending to sit at the kitchen island,
or continent in this case...

clothing folding table in the laundry room

bathroom cabinets and granite

a room full of painted doors

the entry way from the garage

guest bathroom sink and counter

We also got a few new aerial photos from our personal overhead photographer, LOL!!
If you compare the last aerial photos I posted, you will notice our
neighborhood has exploded with new homes recently. they are even
beginning to add more roads (notice the big "F" shape of clay roads.)

The house next to us is completed with a mailbox.
The one on the corner needs their sod and they are ready to move in.

And here we are!!

Until next time...

Monday, November 19, 2012

On Our Last Episode...

When last we visited La Casa de DeFoe, we were in the midst of siding going up. We decided to give those guys a chance to get the work done. Just as I predicted, the siding was completed by Monday evening. We were shocked when we headed over on Sunday evening and found them working hard.

Then on Monday October 12th, we found the sheet rock had gone up. And remarkably fast too!!!

On October 13th, the front of the house had been prepped for the stone to go up. AND we had a visitor to finally get in some of these photos!!!

in her room

don't fall out!!!

ours, our neighbor who is having closing next week
and the corner neighbor closing in early Dec

On the 14th, we rested from house spying and celebrated a special 20th birthday instead!!

When we headed out on the 17th to see the stone, it was already getting dark, so these photos were not the greatest color wise. But isn't that an impressive sight!!

close up of the stones

garage doors and openers are in

Hams on the front porch

kitchen and bathroom cabinets have been delivered!!

Are you sure she turned 20 this week?

Now you have caught up to today.
much better lighting! and I am loving the colors!!
molding delivered

doors for closets and rooms

street view from our driveway

street view going the other way

new build started across the street from ours.
Until next time...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Time To Catch Up

Yes, I have been very neglectful of this blog and keeping you all updated on the progress of our new house. In the past two weeks things have been moving fast over there in Rock Hill. Here is a sneak peek of our most recent progresses.

On October 26, 2012 we headed over to the house and found we had scored shingles. I love they way they look on the peaks of the house. I had a nice laugh when I realized that I chose a roof that matches the houses I make in a video game I play on my PC. (The Sims 2)

And you will notice that they also installed windows and doors.

On October 27, 2012 we were able to get into the house to take some photos. I am not sure what the green spray on the downstairs walls is for. The builder sprays about two feet high on all the 2 X 4 studs.

We also found my lovely garden tub had been installed in the master bath. I can't tell you how excited my sore little back is. I am just longing to lounge in there!!

 Upstairs we have wood walls, ceilings and floors.This lovely room of windows in the master bedroom. I can see my reading chair there already!!

Hubby in his office

Me in my kitchen
DD's room
She is never with us when I take photos!!!

On October 28th, there was not much "new" stuff to see. But our neighbors' houses are coming along great as well.

Halloween came along on October 31st and we found that beneath a gorgeous blue sky our home had been invaded by giant spider legs. NO really, they just installed the air conditioner and wrapped the duct work with black insulation.

Also the other tubs and showers were installed that day.

upstairs bath
guest room bath. I am in love with this shower!!

November 2, 2012, we have a drive way and a back patio. Don't ask me why there is a huge white pipe sticking out of the driveway. I am assuming it will be some sort of drainage pipe for the house.

On November 4th I was able to get a shot of the patio out back on this dreary day. They had also installed the plumbing and wired the house for electricity.

While our home will be insulated great, the builder does not insulate all the walls of the garage. So we decided to sneak over one night, with the builder's permission of course, and insulate that wall ourselves. I can tell you, DD and I were FREEZING!!!! 

gloves, goggles and a face mask keeps the fiberglass away, LOL!!

ever the goofs!!

I took the left over insulation and wrapped it around my garden tub .
 I am told that insulation will keep the bath tub water warmer longer.

We took a couple of days off while I had a doctor's appointment or two and by the time we headed back out on November 8th, the house had turned cotton candy pink and the drywall had been delivered!!
I am so proud of us. Our insulated walls look just as good as the professional's do.

So now I have finally caught you up to today. We arrived at the house and noted the drywall was up on the walls inside the house through the windows. We drove past the house, turned around on the cul-de-sac and then returned to our lot. Suddenly I realized as we approached that they started to put the siding up on the house!! Wow!! That was so unexpected!!! And I love the color even though it is hard to see here. The guys were finishing up for the day, but I will just bet the house will have all the rest of it's siding by Monday night.

from the front door

Hubby in his office

from hubby's office door looking through the dining room  into the kitchen

great room

we could not get upstairs to take photos today as they had a ladder on the stairwell for the workers

siding on the back

siding on the back and side

the rest of our siding 

I am so excited that the house is coming along so quickly after it took so long to get started. We have a little over a month and a half until our scheduled closing date.

Until next time...