Saturday, September 29, 2012

What a WONDERFUL surprise today!!!

My hubby and I decided that since we were both off of work today we would drive around to local furniture stores to price some pieces for our new home that we are building. We started off on one side of Charlotte and ended up in Rockhill at a store that hubby had seen advertised on television. We realized we were not far from our new homestead and decided to do a "drive by". We had not heard from the builder this week so we really did not expect any changes to the lot. What a surprise we got!!  The lot has been surveyed for the house and the building permit is posted with our address. WOOHOO!!!  I am SOOOOOOOOO excited!!!

our house ( i know, i am the only one seeing it right now!!)

toward the beginning of the subdivision

west across the street

right across the street

toward the end of the cul de sac

the cul de sac
standing on the edge of my front porch with the survey stake

in my new kitchen

in the living room

Gosh, it's seems so spacious, don't you think? LOL!!

Afterward we went grocery shopping and passed the site that will soon be our new Publilx. For the past three and a half years I have written numerous letters and emails BEGGING Publix to expand to the Charlotte market. Every time we go on vacation where there is a local Publix, I sniff it out and we shop. When I visit my folks back in Florida, I go at LEAST twice in the week that I am there. I am a Publix nut. 

Our brand new Publix in Fort Mill, South Carolina
I am not sure which surprise I am more excited for!!

(Oh and by the way, they are also building one in Indian Land, South Carolina too which is about 20 minutes away from our home as well!!! Yippee!!!)

Until next time...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Change on the Home Front

Or should I say a change on the property front.

We finally have a sign!!!
If only we could celebrate having more.
But soon I am told there will be bigger changes.

Until next time...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cruising through blogs today

I found this cartoon that had me cracking up on Give A Girl A Blog.  Just thought I would share.

I wonder if DD has ever felt this way? 

Until next time...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tiffany Windows As Inspiration

This month's inspiration for our ad/art challenge over at Scrap 'N Chat is a series of pieces featured on the Metropolitan Museum of Art Store website. These leaded glass windows were created by Louis Comfort Tiffany around 1910. 

Your challenge is to use one of these pieces as your inspiration for a card, layout, any paper craft project.

I decided to use the first example in my sample. I cut my photo and mounted it to black paper to simulate the leading between the pieces of glass. This paper reminded me of Tiffany glass even though it has a Japanese flair. Can't wait to see what you do with this challenge. Head over to Scrap 'N Chat and join the fun.

Until next time...

Monday, September 3, 2012

I did a little altering today

I have had a few projects in the works. Today was the day to get through a few as the deadline for them is this weekend, as in Saturday. I will be displaying at Michael's Instructor Open House. I need to have my goods ready to entice all those happy crafters who want to take a class on paper crafting. 

So first I finished my altered canvas that I have been working on for over a month!!! I painted a white canvas green. It was very, VERY green actually. But today I decided to try and tone it down with some inks. Break out the Ranger Distress Inks and there you go!!
I added some fabulous papers and some ephemera and it's ready to hang on my wall in my new office. (of course, it will be on display in the store until  the class is over).

Then there was the envelope mini scrapbook I have been wanting to make. I started to make it at work yesterday, but was so busy selling cricut products during my demo that I lost track of time. Here is the result. I started off with just 4 invitation sized envelopes and a stack of wedding shower paper. Pretty cute if I do say so myself. I like that each page has the white flap so you can stick memorabilia in there.

This month is Stamp-tember at Michael's and I will be having the pleasure of featuring many different stamping techniques and products for our customers to see. But mostly I like it because I get to play with ink and stamps and messy stuff at work!!! LOL!!! Here are what i created this weekend.

Tim Holtz style tags using Ranger Inks

Cricut Expressions 2 Layout - I love these die-cut cartridges I used. I just might have to buy myself one of those machines!! Hmmm, the holidays ARE coming soon.

And on top of all this yummy paper goodness, I worked on a couple of items over at Scrap 'N Chat too. I participated in the September card challenge by creating a silhouette card.

I created accordion flowers for the Scrap That Stash Challenge.

And I posted the Scraplift Challenge for September. Here's a preview: 

I think it's time I took my scrappy self to bed now.

Until next time...