Monday, April 30, 2012

Gonna have a busy scrap week!!!

Saturday May 5th is National Scrapbooking Day. I have found some fun stuff to do leading up to the day this week. Here is what I have planned:

CK is having a week-long countdown to National Scrapbooking Day!  This year their theme is “scrapbooking around the house,” and every day in the week leading up to May 5 they'll have challenges, classes, videos, chats, and prizes galore!!  Here's the link if you are interested or want more information.     Creating Keepsakes Blog

On May 5th I signed up for a free class through Big Picture Classes for a creative crop. The fun will kick-off May 5th at 9:00am PST. Every hour, during the first 12 hours of the day, they'll be issuing you a creative challenge to help inspire you to scrapbook, and you'll have the opportunity to chat with industry professionals throughout the day. They also will have prizes! They say the challenges will be light and fun, and I'll be able to use items I already have on-hand to play along.

Big Picture Classes

And on top of all this, Scrap 'N Chat is posting new challenges on May 1st!! Wahoo!! It's gonna be a busy week!!

Until next time...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Friday Night Scrap Fest

So I was feeling a bit "scrappy" on Friday. I hit the Scrap 'N Chat forum to see what I could get done. Here are the results.

I started off with the Card Challenge in which we were to use "liquids" on our project. I used a plastic grocery bag with white craft paint for the background. I stamped green water based ink on the green "leaves" behind the flowers. Then I stamped craft ink on the flowers and the "happy" both of which I heat embossed. And to finish it off, I used t-shirt bead paint for the pearl dots. I will be sending these Artist Trading Cards away next week.

Next I worked on the Weekend Blitz for 4/20/12. We were given a sketch and asked to incorporate one of eight paint application techniques to our layout. I used a straw to make dots and drops on the letters that I cut out of a coffee cup wrapper. Then I needed a journal spot. So I finger painted one below the photos. On this layout I included one of my patches I received in Savannah at the Girl Scout 100 Year Celebration in March. On to the next layout...

Or should I say two!!! This was the Double Page Layout Challenge. We were given a sketch to copy and then flip for the second page. I normally don't do double page layouts, but I have so many photos from my Savannah trip and a number of patches to include in my scrapbook. Double pagers are great for that.

My last page of the night was the Recipe Challenge. 
Our recipe ingredients were: 
Start with one piece of cardstock
Add 3 matted or non matted photos
3 patterned papers
1 piece of ribbon or fiber
4 brads or buttons to taste
and add a splash of journaling 
then let simmer.
LOL!!! I love the way the challenge is worded like a real recipe.

So I had planned on attempting one more tonight but due to a temperamental printer and a stubborn website, it did not happen. 

Until next time...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Deadly Sanctuary

Deadly SanctuaryDeadly Sanctuary by Sylvia Nobel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Our reporter, Kendall O'Dell is drawn into an evil conspiracy surrounding the death of two teenage runaways and the disappearance of her predecessor at the newspaper. Her transition from her life in Pennsylvania to her new home in Castle Rock, Arizona nearly has her undone and willing to return home to her family. But there is something about this town and two men in particular who keep her focused on the task at hand. The ending chapters have you racing to see "who done it" in this gripping novel.

I loved it!!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Doing a little scrapping tonight....

Here is my BOM entry for Scrap 'N Chat for April:

I did a digi with a theme of words that describe me. I decided to tweak it a bit and write how I was feeling on the day this photo was taken. I should have included exhausted too!! LOL!!!

Until next time...

Scrap 'N Chat Ad/Art Challenge

Is it really the 15th already?!!! My how the time flies....  At Scrap 'N Chat my ad/art challenge is posted.

In the past two months, I have been auto traveling on numerous occasions. That was the theme I was looking for when I started looking for a great ad/art piece for this month. I stumbled upon this website via Pinterest, my new best pal, LOL!!! Let’s see what you can do with these “de-motivational posters” in April. Remember, you don’t have to copy the posters provided. Just use them to inspire some work of your own. Perhaps the colors speak to you, the graphic style or maybe the poster reminds you of a great photo you have sitting around just waiting to be scrapped. You can make any paper craft, just let us know what it is that inspired you from the ad you chose.

 From their website: “Spring has sprung: time to get outside and travel… or not. In the spirit of the now classic “demotivational poster,” these mock travel posters put a new level of laziness in the idea of going places… in fact, you might just stay at home in your very comfy bed, drink something spirit lifting and surf the internet. I mean, it’s a big scary world out there!

While some people might actually find these posters de-motivational, for others they’re just the sarcastic kick needed to get them out of the house, listening to the breeze, admiring a tree and maybe even going out traveling. But, you don’t have to go far to see the great outdoors, sometimes it’s enough to simply go outside and breath to get that mini-vaca you so badly need.

Created by the ever funny and talented Caldwell Tanner over at College Humor, each of the posters has a quirky, retro feel, something like a vintage screen printed National parks poster with a cartoon twist.”

To see the website, go here:
To see the artist, go here:


I liked the colors of the cell phone poster and the tree line of the Skyrim poster. So here's what I came up with.

Come play along with us at Scrap 'N Chat.

Until next time...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WWW Wednesday

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?

• What did you recently finish reading?

• What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently I am reading Deadly Sanctuary
by Sylvia Nobel.
I recently finished Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.
Next I plan on reading She's Come Undone 
by Wally Lamb or 
Angels & Demons by Dan Brown.

What are you reading?

Until next time...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I've been busy

For the last two days I have been working like a mad woman to complete a travel journal project for an upcoming trip my hubby and I will be taking. I found a cute idea using a Strathmore drawing pad as the basis for the book so that I would not have to worry about binding the materials.This was my "practice run" for the journal I will be creating with a baby theme in the next few months. Hope you enjoy looking as much as I will enjoy using, LOL!!!

front cover

a place to journal and put a photo

flip it up to reveal another two spots for photos

3 small photo/journal spots and a half page pocket
with some cool pull outs to journal on

a 4X6 photo spot and a tall photo matte

the backside has a pocket in the to with an
orange journal spot
and a flap area that reveals three spots for
journaling and/or photos

journal on one side with a strip pull out on the next

backside of the strip journal spot and a blue photo matte

another matte with another journal area

a blank page to do whatever I feel like and a half page pocket

I filled the pocket with a pull out matte and some funky
flowers to add after I put in some photos

more pockets with pull outs

mattes/ journal areas

a large pocket with a matte for a 4 X 6 photo and two
additional strip pockets

all pulled out for you to see

strip pockets with an accordion folded page...

pulled out to see

orange journal spot and a brown matte with
"goodies" to add later

*My favorite page - a blank page and a photo matte page...

opened to reveal another two photo mattes as well as"belly
bands" underneath it to hold brochures I collect on the trip

mattes and a pocket page

Journaling, journaling, journaling...

with a pull up

another matte with a accordion folded page...

opened to see

another pocket page with "goodies"

a matte with an envelope page

mattes, mattes...

and more mattes!!!

I can't wait to use this on our trip!!!

Until next time...