Monday, January 5, 2015

Inka Mess!!!

I finished my journal entry for today and as I have done each day since Day Two I looked ahead to see what kind of page I needed to create for tomorrow's entry. Tomorrow is the first day we will do a short story prompt. I did not read the prompt as I want it to be fresh when I start to write tomorrow but I know I will need LOTS of room WITH LINES to keep it all straight. Since I am recycling an older journal from three years ago, there was some tea ink on the edges of the pages. I decided to "Inka Gold" it up. And this metallic purple is GORGEOUS!!! Inka is thick and will cover the ink. When it dries it is shiny and if I buff it out, even shinier!!

I am having lots of fun this week trying to spark my creative mojo by making messes and getting dirty. Bring on tomorrow's project!!!

Until next time...

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