Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Day In The Sun

My hubby and I have recently been very sick and our pup Dakota has been feeling neglected. At least that is the voice we are giving her sorrowful face whenever she realizes we have to take her outside to do her thing on a leash AGAIN. No running. No playing ball. No Frisbee.

Today she was finally able to run and play in our semi dry back yard. We have had many days of rain and cloudiness this past week and our climate changed for the better. Of course it may be the last warm day we see for a while. I snapped these photos of Dakota not running around as I thought she would do. Instead she was guarding her pumpkin ball, lounging in the grass soaking up the sun.

She must know the cold is coming soon too.

Tonight's creative endeavor was to write a plot line for a short story based on three rolls of the dice. I was provided six characters, six situations and six events that could happen to my character. I rolled the dice to see which parts of the story I scored. My plot line was "On a desert island, a school teacher travels 100 years into the future." Now write a short story.

My short story is four pages long and I kind of ignored the 100 years in the future part. I just made the teacher experience some short term time travel while her husband attempted to rescue her from a rouge fish that pulled her out of their boat while she was fishing. Kind of fun. Very messy hand writing. Now I need to look back at what the other plot lines could have been. But that will be another day.

Until next time...

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