Tuesday, October 9, 2012

House Update!!!

Today we met with "The Build Master" Brian as I will refer to him in future posts. We sat down with him today at the model to go over our blue prints to make sure everything was just as we requested. Ironically, they are not blue as I expected, LOL!!! The Build Master swished his little black ball point ink pen and fixed all the stuff that we have been having trouble getting True Homes to commit to. I think he is my new bestest buddy!!! Here here Build Master!!!

Then we headed out to the lot to take a look at the progress. The Build Master jumped from his noble steed, a dirty white ram pickup truck, and hurried back to the workers to let them in on a little secret. The house was supposed to be two foot deeper than the plan called for. I told you he is my new bestest buddy!!

Why yes, this is a dump truck sitting in the middle of my garage/living room.

NOW minus the dump truck

Kitchen foundation being bricked up!!!

Frame up day is scheduled for October 18th. Then we will have a house in about 48 working days!!! YAY!!! I'll keep you in the loop.

Until next time...

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