Monday, October 15, 2012

All I want is a couple days off!!

Today I woke up to the wonderful sound of rain. Now I am always appreciative of the rain here in Fort Mill, SC basically because we do not get much. But wouldn't you know it that today was the day they should have poured our concrete slab for our house. DD just came home to tell me that she did a drive by this afternoon after class and there is no one around the property. No cement trucks, no worker bees. Pooh!!!

So here is the photo we took yesterday. Hubby and I headed out there in the late afternoon and we were happy to see plumbing!!! This shot is taken from the back of our lot. I am standing on our property line so I could get a good perspective. I've got to tell you, every time we head out there the frame of the house looks too small. I guess when the walls go up, it will make a big difference.

Our frame up day for walls is October 18th. That's this Thursday. I hope the rain today does not put us back a day. I checked the forecast. No rain scheduled again until Friday. I am hoping we are still good.

Off to work on a couple of projects and dinner. I'm thinking red beans and rice.

Until next time...

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