Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I've been busy

For the last two days I have been working like a mad woman to complete a travel journal project for an upcoming trip my hubby and I will be taking. I found a cute idea using a Strathmore drawing pad as the basis for the book so that I would not have to worry about binding the materials.This was my "practice run" for the journal I will be creating with a baby theme in the next few months. Hope you enjoy looking as much as I will enjoy using, LOL!!!

front cover

a place to journal and put a photo

flip it up to reveal another two spots for photos

3 small photo/journal spots and a half page pocket
with some cool pull outs to journal on

a 4X6 photo spot and a tall photo matte

the backside has a pocket in the to with an
orange journal spot
and a flap area that reveals three spots for
journaling and/or photos

journal on one side with a strip pull out on the next

backside of the strip journal spot and a blue photo matte

another matte with another journal area

a blank page to do whatever I feel like and a half page pocket

I filled the pocket with a pull out matte and some funky
flowers to add after I put in some photos

more pockets with pull outs

mattes/ journal areas

a large pocket with a matte for a 4 X 6 photo and two
additional strip pockets

all pulled out for you to see

strip pockets with an accordion folded page...

pulled out to see

orange journal spot and a brown matte with
"goodies" to add later

*My favorite page - a blank page and a photo matte page...

opened to reveal another two photo mattes as well as"belly
bands" underneath it to hold brochures I collect on the trip

mattes and a pocket page

Journaling, journaling, journaling...

with a pull up

another matte with a accordion folded page...

opened to see

another pocket page with "goodies"

a matte with an envelope page

mattes, mattes...

and more mattes!!!

I can't wait to use this on our trip!!!

Until next time...

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  1. I see that you are not working you are using your time wisely! LOL!! LOVE this album. It totally rocks with all the tags and flaps. Awesome!