Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ode to a paper cutter

Recently, I accepted the challenge to answer this question, 
"What is the one tool you own, that you must have to be able to scrapbook?"
 The result:

The journaling says:

Thank you cutter, so much,
For being here today.
So please get nice and comfy,
'Cause there's something I want to say.

Now I'm a crafty scrapper,
Yes, it is really true.
But I know I couldn't have done it,
Without the likes of you.

The paper you have measured,
The lines that you have scored,
You make all of my layouts
Straighter than before.

You make my projects so wonderful,
I say it 'cause it's true.
Don't know where I'd be
Without a cutter just like you.

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