Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Michael Day

I had a busy day on Saturday, July 10, 2010. I spent the morning working at my job at Michael's Arts and Crafts putting out beads. I am not a jewelry maker. And the fun I encountered unwrapping individual strands of beads and decorative glass and charms will not win me over to the hobby anytime soon. But there were quite a few beading elements that would look great on a layout. So maybe it was worth it.........

After my shift ended, I hightailed it back home to shower and have dinner with my DD, named Michael, in case I had not mentioned it before. He cooked me dinner! He even went as far as to cook me my own dinner because he wanted spaghetti and I can't eat tomato sauce. He is such a sweety ((batting eyes lovingly)).

Then DD and I took off to attend the Michael Buble' concert at the Time Warner Arena in Charlotte, NC. The venue is really cool. I had not been there before. The building itself is such a photo op, both inside and out. It is located across the street from the train station downtown, which is a cool looking building too. I have got to get down there to take some photos one afternoon. Anyway, I digress.....

The concert started on time,which is always a plus. But it would not have matter cause I was on the edge of my seat ready to sing along as soon as we got there. Naturally 7 opened the show. We saw them the last time we attended a Buble' concert in 2008. They are great. They perform without musical accompaniment. They are by no means a regular A Cappella group. Look them up on line. They are very talented.

After a short while, actually an hour, but time was flowing fast for me, it was time for the big show!! The big orchestral sound of "Cry Me A River" started from behind the curtain. It was such a big opener. The concert went on with a mix of the older hits and all the new songs from the current release "Crazy Love" for about an hour and a half with one encore. Buble' was funny and charismatic. His singing was top notch, even performing part of the last song without a microphone to the crowd of 12,000. It was a great show.

My favorite part of the show was a surprise stroll he took through the audience with Naturally 7 to a platform riser in the middle of the floor. And I must admit, I was a total nerd about it. He was now going to be closer to our seats, which were excellent to begin with. As he moved through the audience, I spun around and told my DD "He's right there!! He's in the audience!!" not once, but twice!! And it's not like my DD did not notice himself since he was sitting right next to me and stands about 12 inches taller than me, but I did it again!! NERD!!!!! Anyway here is part of the video I taped from the center stage in my excitement. The shot is cool looking since they turned the house lights up when the audience sang their part.

(After hours of attempting to upload this video, I give up. Please enjoy this instead.)

I took about 100 photos, but I will be tossing about 85 of them as my camera has such a pause when adjusting to flashing lights and a moving subject. But some of the good ones will surely make it into a layout in the near future.

Well, I'm off to another day of work. Hope we did not get in any more beads...............

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