Thursday, January 16, 2014

Scrapping Christmas and More

I have finally had some time to start scrapping our Christmas festivities. 

I cut up my photo Christmas cards of all the kiddos to create this layout.

A little closer look:
Joseph, Ethan, Sami, Caleb, Connor, and Hannah.

Kaitlyn, Jeremiah, Jordan, Olivia with Gin, Lauren and Alex.

Loving this paper!

Botanical Gardens 2013

I also made another book stack. Love the colors of this one.
I hope it does not get handled to much at work so I can use it afterward.

After another food allergy incident recently, I have been cooking more at home. This was pretty yummy. I made my standard Stuffed Pepper recipe, but I replaced the rice in the filling with fresh chopped mushrooms. Hubby and I are working on a no/low carb plan. I have been trying to adapt my old standby recipes to accommodate. I have to admit I loved this change. The old recipe will now be the new one. 

Well, I need to start thinking about tonight's dinner. 

Until next time...

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