Friday, October 21, 2011

Sickness nearly over, bring on the fun!!!

Finally after  a week I am beginning to feel better after being attacked by "The Cooties". Now however, hubby has developed the illness. So this will be a weekend of staying home and recovering. Since I am staying away from Mr. Sick so I don't get those darn cooties again, I did some scrapping!! Yay Me!!! Wanna see?
I used this photo once before for a Mother's Day project my niece and I completed last May. Now it is my turn to make something cute out of it. I participated in Friday Night Fast Track on Scrapping The Moments this evening. Our fearless leader Pat provided us with a sketch and told us, have at it!! I love that the color blue in her shirt really pops with the papers and girly touches. Stop by next Friday night and join us. You will have two hours to create and upload a layout onto the forum. Can't wait until next week myself.

Also on October 15th, I listed the Ad/Art Challenge on Scrapping the Moments, but in my illness have not been able to list it here or even create a sample. But it's updated as of today. Read on or better yet, head over the forum and join in. I'd LOVE to see  what you would do with the artist featured this month.

October Ad/Art Challenge
at Scrapping the Moments
I have been reading a book on taking chances and making your life have a deeper meaning lately. One of the “assignments” has been to create a motivational poster of how you see yourself one or two years from now. I was searching through photos of exotic places to travel as that is one of my long term goals and I stumbled upon the art of Kerne Erikson.

Getting to know our artist, from his website:
“For the past 30 years Kerne Erickson has worked as a full-time artist, primarily producing freelance commissioned art and landscape paintings …. In a day when sterile, flat, computer-generated art has become the norm, it’s refreshing to see an artist like Kerne Erickson who can work his way from a well composed pencil drawing, through transparent layers of under painting, building depth and tonality until finally he adds the finishing touches that bring the work of art into focus. His work is a perfect blend of traditional technique and modern painting mediums.”

Your Assignment, should you choose to accept it:
Create a project (layout, card, mini album, etc…) using the art of Kerne as your guide. You can use the ever so cute Banana Baby advertisement or any other piece listed on his website.

Will he inspire you to paint, layer, draw, or advertise your photos. I can’t wait to see what you do with this challenge.  Post your project in the gallery as well as here when you have completed it. Don’t get lost in the travel brochure posters and forget to do your “homework”. Have fun!!

 My layout is based on the TWA advertisement above

Stay tuned. I hope to make a real dent in my photos this weekend.

Until next time...

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