Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two Journaling Entries

Over at Scrapping The Moments we have a journaling challenge for June that I participated in last night. In the challenge we were to create a page based on "Right Now". So while I was was at work yesterday I had the opportunity to take some photos with my cell phone and created a story around my photos. Here is the end product:

 This was a fun project based on the fairy tale characters in the photos and my rather quirky sense of humor.

 My second journaling project today is based on the writing prompts over at Mama Kat's place. It must be her quirky sense of humor that I feel a special bond with, LOL!! Hop on over to her blog to see the prompt choices and join in the fun.

 Create a bucket list of 50 things you want to do this summer (with or without the kids!)
1. Get a new job.
2. See my family member doing well after on upcoming medical procedure.
3. See my DD start college.
4. Tell my family members I love them every day. (Sometimes we are just too busy for this)
5. Add at least 20 miles to our coverage of the Blue Ridge Parkway.
6. Visit Table Rock State Park.
7. Take a scenic drive to see at least two different waterfalls.
8. Cross the border and visit TN.
9. Cross the border and visit VA.
10. Read four more book titles.
11. Buy a new shirt or two.
12. Grow herbs successfully ( they are practically dead at this time)
13. Earn two badges on Scrapping the Moments for my profile.
14. Go to the Seabird Sanctuary/John's Pass in St Pete while we are visiting.
15. Try a new fish recipe.
16. Walk a little three times a week.
17. Get a new hair cut.
18. Lose 10 more pounds.
19. Log into Sparkpeople daily, even if only to earn my log in points.
20. Participate in at least two writing prompts a week on my blog.
21. Add at least two blog entries based on scrapbooking projects.
22. Take down the wall paper in my master bathroom.
23. Paint my master bathroom.
24. Trim the bushes and the crepe myrtle tree in the front yard.
25. Go through old boxes and purge some of the paperwork we have stored.
26. Begin scanning old photos to make them digital copies.
27. Buy a new desk lamp for myself.
28. Sew a new cover for my bed wedge.
29. Organize my digital scrap book elements in my computer so that I can actually FIND the stuff I need.
30. Visit a vineyard.
31. Catch up with at least one long distance friend.
32. Play mini golf one evening.
33. Take at least 20 photos during the month of June, even if it is only one a day.
34. Take at least 7 photos every week in July, even if it is only one a day.
35. Take at least 50 photos in the month of August.
36. Clean out dresser drawers and donate the proceeds.
37. Drink water twice a day in June.
38. Drink water four times a day in July.
39. Drink water 6 times a day in August.
40. Begin to make this year's Christmas cards.
41. Complete and send off 100 cards to Operation Write Home.
42. Complete Xbox Lego Indiana Jones game, opening all levels and earning all Xbox prizes for the game.
43. Complete a scavenger hunt at the flea market.
44. Try two new vegetables this summer.
45. Eat at least one fruit every day.
46. Make sushi for lunch at least once.
47. Jar some chow chow.
48. Make a peach pie.
49. Go bowling at least once.
50. Print this list and keep it on the bulletin board until August 31, 2011. Cross things off as I go.

What are the 50 things on your bucket list this summer?

Until next time...

Edit: Crossing off as I accomplish them.


  1. Whew! That's one busy summer!!! Visiting from Mama Kat's.

  2. Sounds like a very ambitious and productive list! I hope you make good progress!

  3. OMG you have so many wonderful plans!! You sound a bit like much going on, except I am a bit too scared to write them down!!
    The "mum" stamp is a Kenny K digi and can be found here:
    Alicia xx