Monday, March 29, 2010

Once upon a time....

I have been meaning to start a blog many times over and over. What's that excuse? Procrastination? Does everyone start a blog like this? Never mind!! Make up any excuses for me that you like. I am just going to get started here.

Currently I am sitting around goofing with various blog sites trying to decide how I want to set this up. I have been ogling over others "works of art" and information trying to come up with my own ideas. "Write what you know" keeps running through my mind from my Walker High School teachers. "Be creative" is another one. And my favorite "Just do it!"  How easy it is to pass out these words of wisdom to others. I say, Stop it now! Leave me be! I am going to do it my way.

My life is currently a creation in the making. I am in search of a newer fine-tuned version of myself. My old self just wore out. I was tired of the day to day doldrums that were driving my life. You know the ones: home, work, home, work, on and on and on. Through no fault of my own, my life completely changed last year. I got married. I moved to a new state. I started the pursuit of a new career as mine had become one of stress and anger. But the highs have come with lows. Unemployment. Health issues. Teenage angst.

In an attempt to thwart off the depression that could easily set into my mind, I have begun to release creatively. This blog will be a reflexive outlet for my pursuits. Feel free to follow along. Any guidance will be read and taken into consideration.

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