Monday, March 29, 2010

Notting Hill Inspiration

Today was an off day for me. My DH was home ill and when that happens, my schedule is off-kilter. Try as I may to get into my "regular" hardly workin' routine, I just seem to flounder. So while I did completely finish one load of laundry and clean the kitchen, that was it for today.

After noon rolled by, I watched a few movies today. And yes, I said movies. I am a big movie buff. I probably own enough DVD and VHS titles to watch one a day and not see them all before the year is up.  I also have an assortment earmarked in my Netflix queue as well as the unlimited amount of movies they can stream to my television via the internet. And don't even get me started on and all the other sites that will feed me more movies daily. And did I mention cable?

My first feature today was Enchanted, a Disney fantasy that starts off as a cartoon and morphs into a live action film about a princess who is thrown into a world of heartbreak and distress so as not to off balance the cartoon world ruled by the evil queen. So naturally the Disney makers sent her to modern day New York City. Princess Giselle bumps into Robert (Patrick Dempsey) who helps her to find out who she is and what she wants to do with her life by the end of the movie. This was actually cute and I found myself really enjoying it, singing along to the songs I recognized from my DD's music collection. But somehow I found it funny that Patrick Dempsey was the love interest in the movie. I am sorry to his fans. I have also grown up with him and seen him in numerous movies. He is a good actor and can be a very romantic subject. But when he was dancing around in today's flick, all I could see was him as the teen gigolo teaching himself to dance with taped footprints to the floor in the movie Loverboy in 1989.

My second movie today was the inspiration for my scrapbook page I completed this evening. Notting Hill is one of my all time favorite movies. I like everything about it, the actors, the story, the location, the music, etc. This is the story of William Thatcher (Hugh Grant) who owns a travel book shop in the neighborhood of Notting Hill in London. By chance he meets Anna Scott (Julia Roberts), an American actress, in his shop. The story continues as he deals with her fame in his life and she deals with the want to live a normal life out of the spot light. "Remember, I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her." (Best line of the movie!)

At the beginning and the end of the movie is a song called "She" sung by Elvis Costello. It is a beautiful song with a relaxed melody telling the listener that even though she brings chaos into his life, she is the best thing he's got. And while the song is centered around the partner of the singer, somehow it always reminds me of my DD.  For many years DD was the center of my world. I was divorced shortly after her first birthday. She and I have grown up together as she was my best companion for 14 years before I met my DH. While other moms love their children too, I have felt DD and I have had a special bond. As she grows up, she is pulling away to become her own person as it should be. I am proud of the person she is becoming, but this song really pulls at my heart strings. So before I start to sob all over my keyboard, here is the layout inspired by this movie:

My DD saw this layout lying on the table after it was complete. I am very proud to say that she loved it.

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