Sunday, January 15, 2017

Baking Along

This year I decided to challenge myself to some new adventures. I am crafting again. I am expanding my geocaching trips. I joined a new book club and I am participating in a monthly "Ladies Who Lunch" group. I am also following a baking challenge on King Arthur Flour website. Today was my first step into the later.

King Arthur Flour produces a blog called Flourish. Each month they publish a recipe with tips and tricks to teach you to bake up a storm called #Bakealong. This month the recipe is Pizza Party Buns. It was a lovely yeast bread recipe that smelled heavenly even as it was rising. While the recipe called for unbleached  bread flour, I only had all purpose in my kitchen. Also my yeast was slightly out of date, but still rose wonderfully. Here are my results:

Hubby says we will need to make more in the future. I guess they were a hit.

Until next time...

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