Saturday, January 7, 2017

Back To Planning Happy

Now that the book challenge is over, its time to hop back on the craft wagon. I started using my first Happy Planner this past summer. But I have been a few months behind. I use my planner for journaling, a little scrapping, and sharing events. Mostly I do this for myself because it's fun!!! I am going to share a couple of pages here with you.  I am trying to use up little odds and ends of embellishments and papers from my huge stash as I downsize and declutter this year.

Speaking of decluttering, I am also challenging myself to downsize the amount of "stuff" we have in our house. I am following Home Storage Solutions 101 with their 52 week declutter suggestions. Just 15 minutes a day to a less cluttered life. And I really need some decluttering. We started in the kitchen this month. I have been making sure I am adding at least one thing to the donation box everyday even if I don't get to complete the daily guidelines. My hubby has already pointed out how much neater the kitchen looks without all the paraphernalia all over the counters. I can't wait until we clean out the cabinets. There is stuff in there that has not seen the light of day since we moved into this house four years ago. I am hoping less stuff  will lead to less stress in our lives. For now though, I need to get to bed.

Until next time...

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