Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Change In Focus

After months and months of crafting burn out, I have decided to change my focus for a while and complete a reading challenge this year. I decided in MARCH, not January, to work on the Popsugar book challenge which I have listed on my blog page "Book Challenge 2016". I realize the title is not so fancy, but it does the trick. I am attempting to read 40 books this year. And since I started late and I average 10 - 15 books a year generally, this should certainly be a challenge for me.

In my reading I have discovered that I am enjoying journaling my progress in my Happy Planner as well as here and on the Goodreads website. So while my blog will be quiet this year with crafting entries, I am keeping track of my books completed. Maybe some crafting will sneak in when I least expect it.

Until next time...

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