Monday, November 19, 2012

On Our Last Episode...

When last we visited La Casa de DeFoe, we were in the midst of siding going up. We decided to give those guys a chance to get the work done. Just as I predicted, the siding was completed by Monday evening. We were shocked when we headed over on Sunday evening and found them working hard.

Then on Monday October 12th, we found the sheet rock had gone up. And remarkably fast too!!!

On October 13th, the front of the house had been prepped for the stone to go up. AND we had a visitor to finally get in some of these photos!!!

in her room

don't fall out!!!

ours, our neighbor who is having closing next week
and the corner neighbor closing in early Dec

On the 14th, we rested from house spying and celebrated a special 20th birthday instead!!

When we headed out on the 17th to see the stone, it was already getting dark, so these photos were not the greatest color wise. But isn't that an impressive sight!!

close up of the stones

garage doors and openers are in

Hams on the front porch

kitchen and bathroom cabinets have been delivered!!

Are you sure she turned 20 this week?

Now you have caught up to today.
much better lighting! and I am loving the colors!!
molding delivered

doors for closets and rooms

street view from our driveway

street view going the other way

new build started across the street from ours.
Until next time...

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