Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Been A Slow Week

I guess "The Build Master" has been giving the guys a little bit of a break with the turkey holiday last week and all. We were happy with the progress they have been making as of late but it has been a little slower this week. Here are the highlights.

The trim was getting a good painting this week.

and the inside too!!

I find it interesting that they spray the whole house at one time for the base coat. These are Nicole's windows with plastic taped to them so they don't get paint on the glass. They also covered and taped the cabinets, counter tops, plumbing and painted the floors.

The kitchen cabinets are in now.


pretending to sit at the kitchen island,
or continent in this case...

clothing folding table in the laundry room

bathroom cabinets and granite

a room full of painted doors

the entry way from the garage

guest bathroom sink and counter

We also got a few new aerial photos from our personal overhead photographer, LOL!!
If you compare the last aerial photos I posted, you will notice our
neighborhood has exploded with new homes recently. they are even
beginning to add more roads (notice the big "F" shape of clay roads.)

The house next to us is completed with a mailbox.
The one on the corner needs their sod and they are ready to move in.

And here we are!!

Until next time...

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