Monday, February 21, 2011

A New Place to Play

My hubby and I have been married almost 2 years now. When we married we moved away from our home in Florida and combined two and a half homes full of furniture, pots, pans, one teenager and an incredible amount of STUFF into one small three bedroom condo here in beautiful Fort Mill. Our home has been great. We have been lucky enough to  have our extra guest room as well as a sun room on the west side of our house. I have always had my crafting elements in the guest room and our office has been the sun room. This weekend my husband and I decided to swap the rooms, moving the office equipment into the guest room and allowing me to spread out into the sun room.

The weather today was glorious; sunny, 74 degrees with a 15 mph breeze blowing in from the west. I opened the windows, pulled out my scrapping stuff and got busy. Thank you so much honey for giving up this great spot. The wind chimes blowing and the birds chirping have been very inspiring today after some really cold weather this winter. Even though I realize it is still February I am hoping the nice weather is here to stay.

Off to do some grocery shopping. Enjoy today's creations.

Challenge Masters
 Card Challenge: Monochromatic Card using scraps

Working on a calendar scrapbook kit. This is the cover.

I skipped ahead to Feb since I just received it.

Until next time....

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