Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Lists and Daily Art Journaling

I am almost finished with my Book Challenge for 2016!! Time to start working my way back into the creative, artsy stuff!! This December I have decided to participate in a daily art journaling prompt as well as a daily list project. Both of these promise to not take up much of my time. But knowing me, my OCD will make it take a little longer than it should. 

Here are the links: 

 I am using a December daily book I created a couple of years ago that has just been sitting around waiting to be used. It was made with manilla folders and lots and lots of Christmas papers and embellies. It has lots of nice pockets to stick tags and art work into as the month goes on. I am happy to have the chance to use it this year. 

For today's prompts I tried to just stick with the time frame. Mickie's wanted us to use a napkin in our art. My list prompt was my favorite things about December. I know I have a number 1 around here somewhere in my stash, but I will add it later. 

Flamingos for Christmas?! Yep, it was the only printed napkin I had in the house!! 

Until next time...

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