Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our Summer Project 2014

This spring we have begun the process of getting our backyard up to snuff. Our first step before we began anything was to have our fence put around the back yard. We are in a fairly new subdivision which is still expanding. After living here for a year with "the woods" behind us, the lots were cleared. With all this open space and the fact that we have seen a few folks walking through our back yard, we decided the time was here.

After many requests from friends and MOSTLY FAMILY here are some photos to document the event. 

 Here is how we started off: three piles of wood and cement on a nice sunshiny clear day.

 Of course, it rained the night before the work was to begin. So those poor workers had to march around in our damp, yucky, orange clay.

garage side gate

looking into the gate

scanning the mucky yard from the gate

The other side:

You will note that we had to bump our fence toward the house four feet because we did not want our neighbor to bump the fence as he parks his truck about a foot from our property line. We are going to put some bushes up by the "bump in" to also protect our fence a little more.

looking in the gate
neighbors fence is red/orange

scanning the yard from the gate

 Then i went and stood in the middle of the back yard at the base of the hill to photograph both sides gates from inside the fence.


In about 30 days we will get the extreme pleasure of painting this fence...

Until next time...

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