Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our Weekend Getaway (Part 1)

Hubby and I went away for a few days on a "scenic drive" over the Easter weekend. Just one night away, but just the shot I needed to get myself scrapping again. It was our 5th anniversary as well that weekend, so we decided an overnight stay might be nice.

We decided to head over to Hwy 11 in SC known as the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway. After a little research I discovered that there are 35 published waterfalls across a 3 county spread that can be hiked to and enjoyed. I had been feeling like a lump lately from either being cooped up at home or working my tail end off, so we hit the road.

There were many cool and exciting things to see other than just waterfalls. Historic battlefields, festivals, vintage homes, farmer's markets and antique shops are plentiful along the way. There are multiple state parks as well with camping, hiking, and fishing. And at least one vineyard that we discovered.

So today I sat down to start scrapping. I have been having a serious lack of mojo lately. I think it has been about 3 months since I actually scrapped anything. I have had lots of stuff planned, but no gumption to get it done. Well the ball is rolling again.

This is a place along the highway known as Strawberry Hill USA. It is a large farmer's stand with beautiful farm land surrounding it. Across the street is a tractor graveyard of sorts for those who enjoy looking at old farm equipment and a restaurant and ice cream shop. There are even play areas for the kiddos to enjoy.

The day was very overcast so our photos are not fabulous, but the farm stand was impressive. The strawberries were probably the largest and most red strawberries I have ever seen in my life. The rocking chairs were comfy in case you needed to sit a spell after all that driving you were doing to get there. And the people were very nice. I was impressed because the whole time we were there, the cars never stopped coming in. And we were in the middle of a strawberry field!!

Until next time...

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