Monday, August 15, 2011

Scrapping the Moments August Challenge

Good Monday to you all!! I wanted to start off by thanking all the ladies who participated in our "Shag" challenge last month. I really loved the layouts you all completed and hope you had fun exploring the artist and his works.

This month I have found another artist, quite by accident. A friend of mine referred me to look at the quilling work of Jitesh Patel. He is a design and illustration artist living in London who specializes in illustration, advertising, logo design, and art direction to a variety of clientele. When you look at his website, you will see many different types of media in his art. However for this challenge I would like you to focus your layout designs on the advertisements for Alpina Yogurt.

You can also see the images here: along with a cool little video on 3D butterfly animation.
Also, here is another fun website dedicated to Jitesh and his work:

Recently I polled our members as to whether they knew how to quill and if you used quilling in your layouts. The results were a mixed bag. This challenge is by no means a quilling challenge. I want you to take a look at Jitesh's ads and see what you can do with them. Maybe you are inspired by the colors, the images, the manipulation of the paper. It's all up to you.

For my example I went in a totally different way. I do not know how to quill, but loved the images I saw and decided to embroider them onto paper. I have not undergone a sewing project in this detail for my scrapping albums. And boy, my little thumb and fingers are feeling the ache today, LOL!! But I love the end results.

I hope you all get the opportunity to stop by Scrapping the Moments this month and join us to take a look at this artist and feel inspired to create something of you. I would love to see what you come up with. Please send me a link in the comment section so I can peek.

Until next time...

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