Monday, May 2, 2011

A Tuesday Teaser

I am an avid reader. I am nearly at the end of my current book and am beginning the search for my next book. I like to check blogs written by everyday people with reviews of books they have enjoyed. Today I came across a blog site that offers up a Teaser Tuesday. Readers enter a two line teaser from the book and page they are currently reading to entice others to read the book. Some of the entries are hilarious, others are quite a mystery. Now I have too many books to choose from.

So Tuesday I will be completing the book I am reading and trying to narrow down what I will start next. I also need to complete a project or two and go to work in the afternoon. I am thinking it's going to be a busy day!!

My teaser:
"She didn't want him to live with her again, but she wanted their relationship to be closer. She heard a loud thump from the pantry and ran back into the kitchen."


Until next time.....

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  1. Oh, I love mysteries! Have you read any of the Agatha Raisen mysteries -- one of those English ladies at it again. I really enjoy her.
    I don't have a TT today, but enjoyed the new Jane Eyre movie, if you like classics.

    I head up a book club, so was glad to see your list on the sidebar--have read almost all of them. I'm returning the follow -- Thanks!

    P.S. I just bought a fancy camera and have entered into the world of photography. Maybe I'll see you in some of the memes.